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Oct 24, 2017

OmniLenz® – A new surgery-free mode of Omnigen®-amniotic membrane application for treating corneal disorders ‘in-the-clinic’ or ‘emergency room’.

As part of our distribution agreement with NuVision, Altacor are excited to announce the launch of the latest innovation OmniLenz to the ophthalmology market. OmniLenz is a fascinating and pioneering product which we are delighted to be working with, especially in light of the multiplicity of applications and the potential for what it can treat. The complementarity and cooperation between the NuVision and Altacor teams is very strong and we believe will lead to great success.

OmniLenz now enables ophthalmologists to access Omnigen, a versatile ‘off-the-shelf’ regenerative therapy, that can be applied in theatre, in the clinic and even in emergency situations at the point-of-care, or in the field.

Patients may benefit from treatment earlier and therefore potentially more effectively, from first presentation. With the OmniLenz application of Omnigen, we aim to dramatically shorten the treatment pathway to improve patient care whilst saving NHS theatre time and therefore money.

OmniLenz is manufactured exclusively for OmniLenz in the UK by Menicon Limited, utilising the tried and tested comfort and safety of an established Menicon Soft 72 contact lens. The first version, OmniLenz C,  has been specifically designed for the application of Omnigen 80 (10 mm disc) to treat central corneal defects.

Developed through Innovate UK Biomedical Catalysts funding, OmniLenz may revolutionise the treatment approach for corneal disorders in human patients. The lens is easy to apply and remove, with the concept proven during trial stages, where it was well tolerated at the ocular surface long-term.

“OmniLenz was designed to deliver Omnigen as a simple and cost effective, early intervention preventative therapy for a variety of ocular surface conditions. OmniLenz has made treating devastating ocular surface defects as easy as applying a contact lens” said Dr Andrew Hopkinson, CEO.

“The simplicity of using OmniLenz to apply Omnigen means that Omnigen can be applied directly to the surface of the eye without the need for multifaceted surgery. It allows patients to be treated quickly in the clinic in situations where surgery is not accessible or unavailable” said Dr Emily Britchford, Research and Development manager at NuVision.

We are confident that OmniLenz will be hugely beneficial in clinics ensuring Omnigen regeneration is delivered to the patient comfortably and efficiently.

To find out more about Omnigen & OmniLenz, please contact Altacor.

t: 01223421411


Mar 30, 2017

NuVision and Altacor announce distribution partnership to deliver sight saving treatment. NuVision Biotherapies Limited, a regenerative wound treatment company, and Altacor, a leading ophthalmic specialist, have announced the signing of a strategic partnership to distribute the sight saving therapy, Omnigen, throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Nov 28, 2016

Clinitas Soothe Multi has received the ‘Highly Valued’ Award in the recent P3 Magazine Most Valued Products (MVP) Awards.  It received the accolade in the Eye Health Product category.

Mar 30, 2016
Altacor add BioLon® to its growing portfolio 
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